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Bloons TD5 has a lot of new features that include all your favorite BTD4 tricks with 8 incredible updates, each instead of 4, and two types of tricks never seen before. A lot of new features: upgraded rounds with super activated abilities, new types of balloons, new fun tracks with moving parts and tunnels, powerful special agent rounds, daily rewards, special missions and challenges: a fun new challenge to play a daily! Updates happen all the time and your progress is monitored in terms of ranges, updates, and achievements when you log in with our new NK connection system. Have fun! You can download the app from the BTD 5 APK download link.

A five-star defense tower of unmatched depth and reproducibility, now available with a 2-player cooperative game! Build incredible tricks, choose your favorite upgrades, hire new special agents, and upgrade to the latest Bloon invader in the best version of them. The popular series of tower defense in history. The BTD 5 balls offer hours of fun and challenging play for fans and new players, with amazing features like this:

- Over 19 powerful towers with activated abilities and 2 upgrade routes.
- 30+ tracks
- Two-player cooperative play on custom cooperative tracks
- 10 special agents
- 10 special missions
- More than 250 random missions
- New Bloon enemies: Camos Harder, Bloons Regrower and the dreaded ZOMG.
- 3 different game modes
- Freeplay mode after mastering a track.
- 3 difficulty settings and a familiar theme to play, this is just the beginning: a long list of planned updates will keep Bloons TD 5 cool, fun and challenging for many months. Now it's time to break Bloons!


Gaming is a way to reduce stress in general. It can be played by people of all ages. The game allows you to shoot bloons and win coins that can be used to improve the fighting. The Mod for Bloons Tower Defense 5 allows you to have other additional benefits of the game. The Mod is an advantage for new players. And more! Join the monkeys and have some of them jump.